Tax in Mauritius

Tax in Mauritius for companies is based on a fiscal regime that was introduced in 1995 under the Income Tax Act, which is designed to encourage international business in Mauritius.  Taxation is...

Companies in Mauritius

Companies in Mauritius are called Global Business Companies but are classified as Category 1 and Category 2 companies based on the type of license that they hold.  Companies in Mauritius can be...

Mauritius Offshore Trust Formation

Mauritius Offshore Trust Formation: Settlor Mauritius offshore trust formation can be done by anyone who is legally able to settle a trust.  Settlors of offshore trusts in Mauritius are able to be...

Offshore Mauritius

Mauritius offshore services: Offshore Mauritius offers a full range of services that enable corporations to engage in international trade, tax planning and asset management activities. In Mauritius, offshore services are provided by qualified financial and legal professionals who are approved by the Financial Services Commission.

Mauritius offshore entities include offshore company formation, offshore trust, offshore insurance, protected cell company formation, captive insurance business and offshore collective investment schemes.

To learn more about Mauritius offshore trusts and companies, don’t hesitate to contact us. We also promote second citizenship programs in various tax shelters that are economically stable and are ideal for setting up a second home. Favorable tax incentives in these second citizenship countries include relatively high interest rates on savings, with low or zero capital gains tax and not tax on estate or death. Dual nationality can create many benefits where there is no or little tax on estate and inheritance facilitates conveying assets and property.

Offshore Mauritius Laws: Laws and regulations for Mauritius offshore financial services cover areas such as insurance, offshore brokerage services, financial services licensing and classification, the stock exchange with regard to investments by offshore investors, takeovers and licensing (among others), protected cell companies and financial intelligence in Mauritius. Offshore services such as offshore company formation are professional and are important in allowing investors to conduct international tax and estate planning activities.

Offshore Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC): The Financial Services Commission was established to regulate, supervise and provide licensing. The Commission was set up in 2001 under the Financial Services Development Act and serves only non-bank financial services, which include insurance and pension schemes, leasing and credit finance, international business and capital market activities.

Offshore Mauritius Stock Exchange: Offshore Mauritius is home to the Stock Exchange of Mauritius which was established under the Securities Act 2005 and specifically introduced to develop the securities market environment, legislation and to see to it that the market operates in an environment that is transparent, efficient and creates equilibrium with regard to investor protection while operating in the best interests of the market. Mauritius offshore securities market is central to the offshore sector, and comprises investors, brokers, issuers, the Central Depository and Settlement Company and the Stock Exchange.

Offshore Mauritius company: The Category 2 Global Business Company exempted from taxation and is therefore suitable for use as an international business company. Because of the offshore Mauritius company’s tax exempt status, it is unable to access double taxation agreements that offshore Mauritius has with other countries for special tax privileges. However, once use wisely and strategically, an offshore Mauritius company can generate lots of benefits.

Offshore Mauritius Insurance and Reinsurance: Mauritius offshore insurance and reinsurance companies are licensed by the Financial Services Commission. Other Mauritius offshore service providers for insurance services include brokers, insurance managers, insurance sales personnel, agents and claim professionals who must be licensed by the FSC as well. The FSC works closely with the International Association of Insurance supervisors so that offshore Mauritius insurance services and legislation are in keeping with generally accepted and established standards.

In addition to licenses for the provision of insurance services offshore, Mauritius requires service providers for company management, global business formation and corporate service, global fund services to all operate under the prescribed licenses before serving customers offshore. Mauritius in this regard ensures that the offshore financial services sector is properly regulated and that stakeholders meet specific requirements and standards.

Offshore trust formation and shipping and registration are also part of Mauritius offshore financial services sector of Mauritius. Offshore trusts are ideal for international asset protection and estate planning, and when properly used with a Mauritius offshore company can produce great benefits and be very effective in achieving its offshore goals.

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